Poster on GO CORONA GO (Preventions and frontline workers)


This is the poster titled ‘Go Corona Go’ which depicts three most important things. Firstly in the bottom part of the poster role of community workers have been shown, that they are helping us a lot in fighting the war against Corona. Like the Doctors , Police and all the health and municipal workers who are standing in the path of Corona to save us. Moving to the next one in the middle, the poster depicts various ‘Preventions from Corona’ which are as follows: ● Wash your hands regularly with soap for minimum 20 seconds.

● Cover your face and mouth with mask or a fresh handkerchief each and every time you go out of your home and immediately wash it after returning home.

● Always cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing to prevent others from being infected.

● Immediately consult to a Doctor or a health expert if you have any of the symptoms related to Corona like Cough, Fever, Difficulty in Breathing or any sudden pain in body.

Coming to the most important step related to Corona which is shown as the major part of the poster that is the Lockdown which was enabled in our country by our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi. Lockdown helped a lot in maintaining the low rate of Corona in such a huge country which have an estimated population of about 135.26 crores. A complete lockdown in India saved a lot of lives. So this was the description of the poster. Now let’s come to the making of the poster and the material used in it. So basically lets first talk about the material used in the poster which are as follows:

● A3 size simple Snow white Cartridge paper (140 gsm)

● Permanent black marker (for outlines)

● Permanent green marker (for title)

● Camel Water Colour cakes and brushes for colouring

● A 30 inch Scale

● Pencil , Eraser ,etc.
Procedure: To make this poster firstly take a white A3 size sheet and draw a 1 inch margin all around. Then draw a Semi Circle of diameter equal to that of the horizontal space that is in the bottom of the sheet. Draw a vertical centre line. Next draw 4 circles each of diameter approx 2 inches in the two halves of the sheet. In middle of the sheet draw a map of India leaving a space of approx 2 -3 inches in the top of the sheet for the title. Now draw the four hands in the semi circle upside down kept on a glass with corona in it. The hands should be drawn in such a way that they cover the entire face of the glass and seem to overlap each other. Now draw the table on which the glass is kept. Now comes the turn of the four circles which are drawn just above the semi circle. In the first circle draw washing hands with soap in the next circle draw a girl wearing a mask, instead of girl you can draw a boy too. In the central right circle draw a boy sneezing and covering his mouth with a handkerchief similarly in this circle too you can draw a girl. In the right most circle draw a stethoscope depicting the consultancy of doctor or a health experts. Next draw a closed Lock with chain on the map of India to show Lockdown. Now do the outlines of the major parts like the Map of India , the four circles, semi circle, lock in the map, Corona in the glass and the boundary of the poster with the bold black permanent marker. Now do the fine outline of the left parts like inside the 4 circles (washing hands, moth covering girl, sneezing boy, and the stethoscope), all 4 major hands covering the glass containing corona image , the table and the chain with a black permanent CD marker. We have used the permanent marker to save the outline from being dirty and spoilt as we are going to use water colour cakes to colour the poster. Now let’s start colouring our poster. Take a glass of water and open your camel water colour cakes. First of all we will colour the base of the poster i.e. with yellow and red. Take a round 12 number brush and apply water gently and smoothly on the upper side of the poster where we have to paint yellow less at the corners and more at the central part to mix red and yellow. Now have water in your brush and take yellow colour form the kit and start painting the yellow one with round strokes of brush and then after finishing your yellow colour work start mixing it with deep yellow and then with orange colour and finally with the red one. Remember the outer of the semi circle should be painted with deep red colour which shows the danger is at peak of these community workers and they are still working for us. Coming to the semi circle paint the background with yellow again and the table with brown. Next come to the map of India, colour it with deep green colour by By applying less water at the boundaries and a little much in the central part. Colour it smoothly by saving the lock being spoiled. Now lets start colouring our lock. For the lock have lemon yellow colour first and pain the chain as well as the lock with yellow. Add the same brown and dark yellow colored marks as in the picture to have a realistic lock style. So here our work is completed of painting the map and the lock.
So our work of poster is almost done. Now Let’s start the last work which is of the title writing. For title writing which is ‘Go Corona Go’ draw a very light line of 2 Inches at the top of the poster. Now write it lightly with the help of a pencil. Now take a green permanent bold marker and write the title in your own handwriting with beautiful hand. After writing in your own hand make the edges of the writing bold which would look better then The first one. Now take the permanent bold black marker and get the shades upside down on the writing. Remember the shade should not go out of the writing otherwise it would not look nice. Your poster on Corona with various themes like prevention’s from it and the Work of frontline workers is done. You can too add your creativity to this poster.

INDIA with lock showing Lockdown
Community workers hands stoping corona to spread
Title Writing GO CORONA GO

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