3D Display Board for schools (On Theme – Qualities of a Teacher)

Display Board depicting various qualities of a Teacher

This is the display board which is prepared randomly on the theme teacher. In this display board I have shown various qualities of teacher. A teacher is the best friend of a student, he or she helps a student to be motivated and achieve higher and higher goals in life. A teacher also helps a student to get success in life. He or she makes the life of a child like the blossom flowers in the spring. In this display board too, I have shown various qualities of a good teacher like a teacher is inspiring, responsible, challenging, optimistic, dedicated, thoughtful etc. Not in this display board but in the real life too a good teacher exhibits all these qualities and only due to these qualities a teacher is remembered in the minds of their students, so to dedicate all those experienced and remarkable teachers this display board is a good example. So now let’s start making this display board.
So first of all let’s combine all material together which would help us to make this display board which are as follows:
● White charts
● Fluorescent sheets of different vibrant colours like lemon yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, etc.
● Two handmade sheets of yellow and blue colour
● Black coloured A3 size pastel sheet
● A scissors
● A black bold marker
● Acrylic colours (green, yellow and orange)
● Brown pastel sheet
● Fevicol tube
Now let’s start making our Display Board. First of all let’s start with the border of the display board.

Border of the Display Board

For the border take a lemon yellow fluorescent sheet and cut 1 inch strips of it in horizontal direction. After cutting the strips, cut one side of the strips in zig – zag manner as in the picture. Now paste these strips on a white chart paper and cut the same zig – zag pattern of the white chart paper as shown. This would look nice. You can use any of the fluorescent sheet colours here. Now let’s start making the pencils. For making the pencils divide the white chart paper into 4 parts and cut them. Now we have 4 equal parts of the chart paper with us, similarly cut half chart paper to make 2 more parts, now we have total six parts with us. Now, take the dimension of 1 part and divide the dimensions into 3 equals. Now take different coloured fluorescent sheets and cut strips of the same dimension which we found above (Remember not to take much darker colours as we have to do writing over this part. Now take the white strip and divide it into 3 parts by drawing lines horizontally and paste the different coloured fluorescent sheet strips smoothly over the lines in the 3 different parts. To make the back of the pencil take yellow and blue coloured handmade sheets and cut the bottom portion of the pencil as shown in the picture.

Back part of the Pencil

Paste the cut out on the back of the pencil. Now take the Black A3 sheet and cut narrow strips out of it (approx 1 -2 cm wide). Paste these strips on the joint where we pasted the yellow cut out on the white strip t make the pencil more attractive. For making the front part of the pencil take the brown pastel sheet and cut a triangular shape of the same base as that of the breadth of the white strip. Now draw 3 semi circles on the base of the triangle as shown in the picture and cut them out.

Front Part of the Pencil

Now paste this front part on the other side of the white sheet and with the help of permanent bold black marker make the tip of the pencil. Now your pencil is completed. Make 5 more similar pencils. One example of the pencil which I have made is shown here.

According to the size of your display board you can increase or decrease the number of pencils. To make your pencils more creative you can add more things to it like you can give a black outline to your pencils or can paste them on a black pastel sheet. Now let’s come on the wording or the title. Here in this display board I have used a title “TEACHER”. To write the title take a white chart and draw the letters over it. You can use any of the fonts you like or you know to draw. Here in this display board I have used a random font which I think suits here. So after drawing the font on the chart paper finalise the outlines of your drawing using a black permanent bold marker. Now cut the letters using a scissors by leaving some white space all around as in the picture, this would add a touch up to your writing and enhance it. For colouring the letters I have used a flat 10 number brush and acrylic colours (Orange, Green, and Yellow). The style of colouring the letters you can see in the picture below.


Now the drawing work is almost done. The writing on the pencils is also done in a random font. Here also you can use any of the writing fonts you like and know. To write like this font first off all write the letters in a running hand and then thicken some parts of the words from up and down as shown in the picture above. The last step of completing this work is hanging all the things on the display board. To make this a 3D display Board first of all paste the border on 3 sides of the display board, leaving the 4th side (lower one). Paste all the letters in proportion on the upper side of the board using a stapler. Now before pasting the pencils take one pencil and fold the 3 strips of the pencil and the triangular part of the pencil in vertical manner, do this step with all the 6 pencils and paste as it is with the help of a stapler, it would give a 3D look to the pencils and the display board would look attractive and amazing.

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